Gropen Extreme

A couple of weeks ago, our great Programme officers Therese and Jenni participated in “Gropen Extreme” the largest obstacle course in Uppsala. The DH-youth participation in this obstacle course is a symbol of how we through teamwork and dedication, can overcome any challenges


Alfred: What is Gropen extreme? And how was it?

Therese: It’s an obstacle race course that is basically a cross-country race where you need to overcome different obstacles, many times as a team. I competed in the race with my DH-youth programme partner Jenni! It was a bit risky and scary sometimes and some obstacles were more difficult than others so we needed to work together to overcome them. But it sure was a lot of fun!


Alfred: How is your participation in Gropen Extreme related to the Dag Hammarskjöld Youth Leader Training?

Therese: I can assure you that we will have some inspiring features of the race in the programme (laugh). The DH-youth training programme focuses on challenges and how to overcome them. We all faces challenges in our everyday work in civil society and even though they might look very different depending on surroundings, somethings stay the same, like the fact that even though one individual’s initiative is of immense importance, there are somethings that one just can’t do alone. We wanted to highlight that leadership is as much about teamwork as it is individual performance, and that some challenges, maybe the most important ones, one cannot overcome alone, which is something I am sure our DHyouth participants’ can confirm!




Alfred: How do you relate the DHyouth watch words “Courage, Integrity and Compassion” with the obstacle race?

Therese: Integrity is about not giving up on yourself or that of your friend and to not leave your friends behind or any other fellow human being, and for that I believe compassion is needed. Without courage you will not be able to do neither. Courage for me symbolises faith, in both yourself and the world, in mankind and humans and that we can create a better world.

When you stand and look at an obstacle, just as when you analyses your chances of getting a job, starting a business or saving the world (laugh). Many times people deem the challenges too great, the obstacle too difficult or the vision too unrealistic. Here you need courage to not listen to nay-sayers, courage to believe in yourself or the visions of others. This is where the DHyouth watch words of “Courage, Integrity and Compassion” comes to life and on this matter I would like to quote our beloved Mr. Hammaskjöld:


“Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.” // Dag Hammarskjöld

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