Programme Committee

The DHY “Programme Committee” (PC) consists of some of the largest organisations and institutions in the city of Uppsala. Together with the DHY secretariat, they shall joint organise the Dag Hammarskjöld Day.


The PC will also work with other organisations to make sure that during the week, there are numerous of other events independent of each other arranged around Uppsala related to Mr Hammarskjöld. During this week, no one in Uppsala shall miss out on the celebration of Mr Hammarskjöld and the values of peace for which he fought for.

House of Peace Uppsala

Ing-Marie Munktell – President

Uppsala University

Kristina Mellin – Academy administrator

Uppsala Municipality

Elise Rhodin – Cultural strategist


Isak Stoddard – Director


Helene Warpe Nymansson – Business developer

Gymnasium Student Councils

Alfred Lind-Anderton – Board member