Research and Paedagogic Guide

The 4th dimension of the DHYLT is not a part of the annual event itself but a product which shall be produced using the information that this congregation between young leaders from around the globe will provide. The purpose of these two products is to provide a basis for further research on challenges facing the global UNA-movement and a guide on how to overcome them.


The DHYLT Secretariat shall apply the “Chatham House Rule” in order to secure each participant’s anonymity in the documents we produce.

Research – The Database

The database is best thought of as a platform with descriptive information based on the results from the training sessions. The ambition is to make the Database into a platform where the Research Officer of the DHYLT secretariat summarises the challenges presented by the participants, forms categories for structure and makes the Database a Database for all the data that is absorbed from the training week. Creating the Database as an open-access platform may generate notable benefits in terms of synergic effects or positive creative ‘extra-project’ uses. The aspiration is therefore to permit general access to the Database to find out about the presented challenges for United Nations Associations and to, later on, access calculated trends and charts regarding these notions.


In short, the Database will be a source for descriptive infographics of the progress and outcomes of the training session(s). In the long-term, Research Officers may hopefully be able to create and calculate visual maps, tables, charts and trends.


The database will be produced using information from segments 1 and 2 (see Training Programme)

Paedagogic Guide – The Toolbox

The Toolbox will be a platform with qualitative information based on conclusions drawn from the information from the participants of the training session(s). The aim is to visualise the Toolbox as an open-access platform where the Research team summarises the qualitative information about plausible solutions to the challenges listed in the Database. Later on the Research team may try to categorise the qualitative information as the information and data become more extensive.


In short, the Toolbox will be a platform where the Research Officers synopsise the opinions of the participants regarding “what is a solution to challenge X?” and nuance the challenges of the work of United Nations Associations with possible solutions and suggestions based in fact.


The Toolbox will be produced by using information from segments 3 and 4 (see “Training Programme”).