Schedule of the Week

3 October 2016
Opening Ceremony


First segment: “Experienced local challenges” – Individual presentations




Workshop: Mr Alan AtKisson – “How to build trust, negotiate trouble, and improve your chances of successfully making change”


Continue the individual presentations


Nation dinner


Cultural Country evening – a social evening wherein the participants prepare a cultural performance from their country
4 October 2016 (Dag Hammarskjöld Day)
Forenoon seminar with DHY advisors:
House of Peace President Ing-Marie Munktell
Ambassador Jan Axel Nordlander
Director Henning Melber


Symposium at Uppsala Castle Royal Halls
Honorary Speaker: Anders Kompass
Panel: Director Henning Melber, former speaker of the Swedish Parliament Birgitta Dahl
Introducing Speakers: Vice Chancellor Eva Åkesson, Municipality President Carl Lindberg, Landshövding Peter Egardt


Public Castle Yard Ceremony, Grave Procession and Cathedral Ceremony
Choir Performance
Speaker: The Archbishop of Sweden Antje Jackelén


Hosted Banquet by Archbishop of Sweden at the Bishop’s Palace


5 October 2016
Full day at the Swedish Department of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm


Welcome reception: Swedish Department of Foreign Affairs




Seminar: Swedish Department of Foreign Affairs


 Second segment: “Elucidation of Challenges”


“Big Mouth”: Regina Theatre – Uppsala


Nation dinner
6 October 2016
Third segment: “Overcoming Challenges”


Workshop: CEMUS – “Problem solving”




Workshop: Sustainenergies – “Becoming a change agent by solving real cases!”


Traditional Student Gasque at Uplands Nation
7 October 2016
Fourth segment: “Courage, Integrity and Compassion”


Meeting with Uppsala Youth organisation




DHY Alumni Network formation


Early Nation Dinner


Closing Ceremony